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Shanghai Jinzhi Machinery Co., Ltd. is a enterprise specializing in the production of packaging equipment, main products have film three-dimensional packaging machine, film packing machine, and high speed box box machine etc., which are widely used in medicine, food, cosmetics, stationery and other industries.
Company has a group has long been engaged in packaging field, the backbone of the elite, to provide personalized solutions for different packaging industry, and provide a full range of pre-sales, after-sales service, training, supplies and other services.
Company since its inception, with "a first-class brand, do industry pioneer" the purpose to require every employee, efforts to promote product innovation and continuous improvement, the company firmly believes that quality products and perfect service is the cornerstone of the survival of the enterprise, and insisted on the details of each fall to implement.
"Strive for excellence, Zhi Cungaoyuan", the company will be fine products to the fine products for the industry to make outstanding contributions.

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